Sixth share multiplication is finished, additional Farm$hares and ASIC shares were added. Next multiplication scheduled for December 24, 2014 (Ho Ho ho)!

The purpose (The Second Generation)


Hi again guys,

This should be episode two of new product presentation  (a short one).

So why is better than regular ASICs? The answer is quite simple, it generates the best possible profit, your own set and forget multipool.
The controlling software monitors in real time each hashable coin network, estimate profit for next block, swap workers between crypto networks, increase or decrease the number of chips running one or another algorithm.

And as it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s the real data of last 7 days for one second gen unit (with one note: is applied to current VTC network spike – in reality, most likely, VTC network won’t experience such difficulty increases, at least for several months):


As you may notice, the VTC reward is far better than LTC (the VTC network stood at under 100 diff), then, as soon as VTC network difficulty starts to increase (reward decrease), reward switches to FTC (the software swapped to FTC network – marked by green arrow).


PS: Don’t miss our next episode, media with hardware and if possible, one datacenter.